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Let other users see your data or apply your Dashboards to their data.

Dashboards are private to you until you share them. If you develop a Dashboard that you think is useful to other users in your account, or to other Analytics users in general, you have several options for sharing it. You can also send a snapshot of your Dashboard data via email or generate a PDF file that you can distribute however you please.

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Share Dashboards with the current view

Once you have your private Dashboard working the way you like, you can create a copy of it to share with other users. When you do this, anyone with access to this view can see the Dashboard’s data and add to or edit any widgets contained in the Dashboard. There’s no way to make Dashboards read only; however, changes to the shared Dashboard won’t affect your private version of that Dashboard.

You must have the Editor role to share Dashboards and data with the current view. If you have only the Viewer role, you can still share your private Dashboard by sending it as a template link or by adding it to the Solutions Gallery. See below for more information.

To share a Dashboard with the current view:

  1. View the Dashboard you want to share.
  2. Click Share > Share Object
Share dashboard menu with 3 options: share object, share template, share in Solutions Gallery.
Share Dashboards menu.

A copy of the current Dashboard will now be available to all other users in that view, located in the Shared Dashboards section of the reports panel.

Note: to unshare the Dashboard you must delete it.

Share Dashboard templates with other views and accounts

The Share > Share template link option generates a URL you can copy and send to other users, embed in a document or host on a website.

When you share a Dashboard via a template, you share only the settings for the Dashboard--you do not share any data. You can send the link to anyone with an Analytics account, and that person can then import the settings.

Learn more about sharing customizations via templates.

The Solutions Gallery lets you share and import custom reporting tools and assets, like Dashboards and segments, into your Analytics accounts.

When you share a Dashboard using the Share > Share in Solutions Gallery, only the Dashboard’s configuration is shared. Your personal information and Analytics data stay private in your account.

Learn more about the Solutions Gallery.

Send Dashboards via email

If you need to distribute a snapshot of your Dashboard data to people who might not have access to your Analytics account, the Share > Email option is for you. You can send them a customized email with an attached PDF file showing your Dashboard to any valid email account.

Screenshot showing email dashboard dialog. Options include To:, Subject: and body fill-in fields. Email will be sent weekly.
Sending a Dashboard via a weekly email.

Scheduling Dashboard emails

Dashboard emails can be sent as “one offs”, or you can schedule them on a recurring basis.

Use the Frequency controls to select the timing of the email.

By default, recurring emails will be sent for 6 months. The Advanced Options let you adjust this from 1 month to 1 year. After this period expires, you’ll need to set up the recurring email schedule again.

Tip: If there are any previously scheduled emails, you’ll see a link allowing you to Add to an existing email. This lets you send out multiple Dashboards or reports using the same distribution and timing.

Manage all your scheduled emails by navigating to Admin > Views > select your view > Personal Tools & Assets > Scheduled Emails.

Screenshot of the scheduled emails menu choice.
Scheduled email menu choice.

Export Dashboards to PDF

The Export > PDF option saves a copy of your current Dashboard exactly as it appears on screen to a PDF file. You can then embed or distribute this exported view in other documents as needed.

Screenshot of Export menu, located in the action bar.
Export to PDF menu choice.

Learn more about sharing customizations via templates.

Visit the Solutions Gallery.

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