Share report data with ‘non-DFP account’ users

When you select to schedule your report, you can decide whether or not you want to share the report and with whom to share with.

  1. Click in the Share with field. The “Share with” field allows you to manually enter any email address. Email addresses must be correctly formatted to properly save. Only one non-account user can be added at a time.
  2. To add the email address as a new, non-account user, click in the Share with field. Click the Add new user link located in the bottom right of the email list.
  3. In the “Add 3rd party access user” form, fill out the following fields:
    • User’s name
    • User’s business title
    • User’s email address
      If the email is incorrect, the non-account user will never receive an invitation, or appear in the user’s list of contacts for the “Share with” area.
    • (Optional) Phone number
    • (Optional) Comment 
    • (Optional) Address 
    • (Optional) Contact’s language
    • (Optional) Personal note 
  4. To share this report with someone who doesn't have an account, select to attach the report as an Excel-compatible CSV file. This option is selected by default whenever the names added to the scheduled report don’t have an account.
    The report is generated in a format that can be readily opened with Excel and as a result, the file may appear as tab-separated when viewed using certain text editors.
    The maximum file output size is 10MB. If previously scheduled report data exceeds the 10MB limit, the email sent advises the recipient of this fact. For a newly created scheduled query, if the data exceeds the 10MB limit, you cannot select to attach a file to your query, but the report can still be scheduled without an attachment.
  5. Check-off the confirmation message.
    By checking this box, you confirm, on behalf of Company, that all email addresses entered above are associated with employees of Company, and not third parties, including without limitation email addresses associated with Company Partners.
  6. To keep the information associated with the newly added user and allow them to be added to your scheduled query, click Submit.

‘Share with’ user types

When you click in the “Share with” field, there are two types of users that appear in the drop-down:

  • Account users (account access): Users that have valid logins to your account.
  • Non-account users (3rd party access): Users that qualify as third parties (in other words, they don’t have logins to your account). Third party users have access only to the data in the report that has been shared with them as an attached Excel-compatible CSV file.
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