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About Display Network only campaigns

"Display Network only" campaigns are best if you'd like to show ads on websites and apps when your keywords are related to the sites' content.

This article explains the different components of "Display Network only" campaigns and how you can use them. Learn more about how your ads are shown on the Display Network.

How it works

Your ads are matched to websites or mobile apps (called placements) that include content that's related to your business or to your customers' interests. You can set up targeting to match your ads to the most relevant Display Network sites based on their topics, interested audiences, demographics, and more. Learn more about targeting features on the Display Network

Display Network only campaign

When to choose it

  • Recommended for more experienced AdWords advertisers
  • You want to reach customers while they're browsing online
  • You're interested in building awareness for your brand across a large audience.

Display Network only campaigns are usually focused on increasing awareness of your business, or giving a vivid impression of your brand. These campaigns allow a much wider variety of ad formats and different ways to find your customers based on their interests.


You work for a record label and want to increase exposure for a new band or get more ticket sales.

A "Display Network only" campaign lets you reach people visiting music-themed sites, such as blogs about live shows or sites that review new music.

"Display Network only" campaign subtypes

Display Network only (All features—Standard not available)

Text, image, rich media, and video ads settings for the Google Display Network:

  • Basic location targeting
  • Basic bidding and budget settings
  • Some ad extensions (to include, for instance, a phone number, URL, or location)
  • Language targeting
  • Option to target by operating systems, device models, carriers, and wireless networks
  • Ad delivery methods

Specialized "Display Network only" campaign types:

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