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Once you've built a plan, entered or uploaded your own keyword list, or multiplied several keywords lists together, you can get forecasts for those keywords (only available for “Search Network - Standard” campaigns) and save them to your account.

This article explains how to see your keyword forecasts and save keywords to your account.

Before you begin

Use one of the options under “Find new keywords and get search volume data” in Keyword Planner to get keyword ideas. Learn about Keyword Planner.


  1. Use one of the options under “Find new keywords and get search volume data” in Keyword Planner to get keyword ideas.
  2. To add an ad group or keyword idea to your plan, click the double arrows ». You can use the historical statistics that appear in the table to help you decide which ad groups or keywords to add to your plan.
  3. When you're done building your plan, click Review forecasts. If you’d like to save the keywords in your plan to your account without seeing their forecasts, click the Save icon.
  4. If you clicked Review forecasts, you'll see a graph with a range of maximum cost-per-click (max CPC) bids and traffic forecasts for the different bids. By default, we'll show the number of clicks per day that all of your keywords might get for the different bids.
    • To see a different metric, like impressions or cost, click the appropriate metric name above the graph.
    • You can also hover over a point on the graph to see a summary of all your forecasts for that particular bid.
  5. To get detailed forecasts in the table, enter a max CPC bid in the box above the graph ("Enter a bid") or hover and click any point on the graph to choose a bid. To see forecasts for a specific bid and budget, enter both a bid and a daily budget.
  6. To adjust some of your bids by a percentage or a specific amount, select the checkboxes next to the ad groups that you want to change your bids for. Click the Edit drop-down and find the Change Ad Group Bidssection, then click Selected. You can also adjust all of your bids by clicking All from the same menu. Use the drop-downs to increase or decrease your bids by a fixed percentage or amount, set a new bid amount, or set your bids to the default amount. You can also set a minimum or maximum limit for all your bids.
    • To change one of your bids, click the bid amount under “Max. CPC” in the table, enter your new bid, and click Save.
  7. After reviewing your estimates, you can save your keywords to your account by clicking Save to account.
    • To add your keywords to a new campaign, enter a name for the campaign, ad group default bid, and daily budget.
    • To add your keywords to an existing campaign, select "Add as new ad group(s)" or "Add to an existing ad group." Then, select the campaign you want to add your keywords to and enter an ad group default bid.
  8. Click Save and continue.
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