Ad formats

Visual enhancements to search ads that more prominently display information about your business, such as a phone number, consumer ratings, or your website's domain in the headline. These enhancements, which often appear in ads above search results, can include additional content from your website or relevant third-party content. You can add these enhancements manually or they can be added by our automated formatting systems.

  • The most common types of ad formats are ad extensions. Some examples of ad extensions include location annotations (which attach your business address to your ads) and sitelinks (which include additional links to other pieces of relevant content from additional pages within your site).
  • Google's automated formatting systems can display additional information from your website or other relevant third-party content alongside your ads, such as social extensions, which show information about the number of Google+ followers your business has .
  • Google's automated systems can also highlight relevant information in your ads to help people find your business more easily. For example, on some ads above search results, if your first description line is a complete phrase or sentence, we might display part of your description in your headline, resulting in a longer, more noticeable headline that still uses the words you chose for your ad.
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