About access levels in your AdWords account

If you need to share your AdWords account with other people in your business, you might want to invite them to share access through their own Google account. Each time that you grant access to your AdWords account, you'll be able to select which features the user can affect by assigning an access level.

This article explains the levels of access you can assign and the corresponding features available for each access level.

Also find out how to grant or remove access to your AdWords account.

Access levels

Account Access level Email-only Read-only Standard Administrative
Can receive notification emails and reports
Can sign in and run reports  
Can browse the Campaigns page, Recommendations page, Tools page and Account settings  
Can grant email-only access  
Can edit any part of an account and its campaigns    
Can give account access, change access levels and cancel invitations from other users      
Can accept and reject manager account link requests      
Can unlink manager accounts      

Access for manager accounts

If you've accepted an invitation to link to a manager account, people who have administrative access to the manager account can receive notification emails and manage any part of your account and its campaigns. They can also change another person's access level, and in some cases they can terminate someone's access level. Find out more about manager account access levels.

Access to billing and payments

You can manage which users can perform tasks like making payments, changing payment methods or receiving invoices by adding or removing them from your Google payments profile in the Google payments centre. 

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