How to grant or remove access to your AdWords account

  • Share your AdWords account with other people in your business.
  • Invite others to manage your campaigns, set budgets, or simply view your reports, depending on the level of access you want to give them.
  • To access your AdWords account, each person must have a Google Account not associated with another individual AdWords or AdWords manager account.
  • Learn how you can remove access at any time.
Features available for each access level

The table below shows the levels of access you can assign and the corresponding features available for each access level in an individual AdWords account.

If you've accepted an invitation to link to a manager account, people who have administrative access to the manager account can receive notification emails, give read-only or standard account access, and manage any part of your account and its campaigns. They can also change another person's access level, but they can't terminate someone's access level. Learn more about manager account access levels.

Account Access level Email-only Read-only Standard Administrative Managed - Standard Managed - Read-only
Can receive notification emails and reports
Can sign in and run reports  
Can browse the Campaigns, Opportunities, and Tools tabs


Can unlink manager accounts    
Can view and edit any part of an account and its campaigns, including Billing      
Can give account access, change access levels, and can cancel invitations from other users      



Can grant email-only access  
Giving account access

To access your account, people must have a Google Account and can't already have access to another AdWords account. If they do have access to another AdWords account, they’ll need to use or set up a Google Account with an email address not associated with that AdWords account. You can send them an invite to this email address.

Keep in mind

The directions below are for inviting a user to access to an individual AdWords account. For manager accounts, get instructions for inviting an AdWords account to link to your manager account.

To give someone access to your individual AdWords account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the gear icon and select Account settings . Preferences Tab
  3. Select Account access from the navigation bar.
  4. Click Invite other users.
  5. Enter the email address of the person you want to share your account with.
    Be sure that the email address is not already associated with another AdWords account, otherwise the person that you've invited will not be able to access your account.
  6. Enter a nickname for your new user. AdWords keeps track of who makes changes to an AdWords account and will use this nickname to identify who made which changes.
  7. From the Choose an access level drop-down menu, select the access level you want this person to have. Choose an access level
  8. Click Send invitation. Send email Invitation
  9. After the person accepts your email invitation by clicking the link in the email, this person will be asked to answer a few questions about setting up the AdWords account. When that's completed, we'll send you an email with a link to your AdWords account access page.
  10. Find the account of the person you invited in the "Pending invitations" section, then click Grant access. If you see an email address listed that you don’t recognize, ask the person who you gave account access to, since people can accept the invitation using a different email ID. Grant account access
  11. Click OK to confirm and allow access.

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You can see when other users last signed in to your account. On your Account access page, view the timestamps listed in the "Last logged in" column. (Note that if the user's account is also linked to an AdSense account, the timestamp displayed may refer to the last time that the person logged in to that account.)

Guided tour: Add email-only users

Click the "Guide me" button below to go to your account and be guided through adding email addresses where you want to receive alerts about your account.

Guide me

Accepting account access

When a person grants you access to an AdWords account, you'll receive an email titled "Invitation to Share an AdWords Account." To accept the invitation, visit the link provided in the email.

If the email address where you got the invitation is associated with a Google Account you use for other Google products, select "I have an email address and password I already use with Google services like AdSense, Gmail, YouTube, or Google+." Otherwise, select "I do not use these other services."

Depending on the radio button you selected, follow these steps:

  • I have an email address and password I already use with Google services
    1. Choose how you'd like to sign in. You can use the email address that received the invitation, or create a new Google Account to use with AdWords.
    2. If you choose to use the email address that received the invitation, complete the invitation process by following the steps to sign in. Otherwise, follow the steps listed on the site to create a new Google Account using another existing email address.
  • I do not have an email address and password I already use with Google services

    Using an existing email address, complete the steps to set up a new Google Account.

Once you finish these steps, the person granting access will receive an email to complete the process. You’ll then be able to access the AdWords account by signing in at

Removing account access
  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the gear icon and select Account settings. Preferences Tab
  3. Select Account access from the navigation bar.
  4. In the "Users with account access" section, find the email address that you'd like to remove. Email address to terminate
  5. Click Actions in the "Actions" column.
  6. Select Terminate access. Terminate account access
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Links to the Google Play Developer Console

Google Play developers account holders with administrative access will be shown in the AdWords account access page. Keep in mind, when the Play account owner gives account access to AdWords from the Play Developer Console, that access can only be removed from within the Play Account.

Owners of the Play Developer account with Data and account access can add more AdWords users directly from the Play Developer Console. These users will have Read-only or Standard account access to the AdWords account. Learn more about linking AdWords to Google Play.

Fix a problem with sharing account access

The person accepting the invite is receiving an error messages

This may indicate that the person is using an email address already associated with a different AdWords account. This can also happen if the email address the person is using is listed as an alternate email address for a Google Account already associated with an AdWords account.

If the person accepting the invitation is using an email address associated with an AdSense account, this person can create an AdWords account, but can't accept invitations from others to existing AdWords accounts.

For other issues, use our sign-in troubleshooter.

Problems removing an email address from an account

If you use an email address to sign in to an AdWords account, you can't disable access to that address. This is only possible if you're signed in through another email with administrative access.

For manager account users: Problems changing the access levels for users of the managed accounts

You won’t be able to change access levels for managed account users in the following scenarios:

  • You don't have Administrative access to the manager account
  • You're trying to terminate access for a managed account user


Other issues with access within a manager account

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