Election advertising verification

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Google requires verification for advertisers who want to run election ads in Google Ads and Display & Video 360 in the regions listed below.  

The application process may require two steps and each step can take up to 5 business days. See the requirements for verification below for more details. 

Important note on ad disclosures

Election Ads: All election ads run by verified election advertisers in regions where election ads verification is required must contain a disclosure that identifies who paid for the ad. For most ad formats, Google will automatically generate a “Paid for by” disclosure, using the information provided during the verification process.

How disclosure appears in different ad formats

  • On Google Search and the Search Partner network, the disclosure will show in ads directly
  • On YouTube, the disclosure will show in “Why this ad?” which can be accessed through the info icon Info icon or the 3-dot icon
  • On websites and apps that partner with Google for display ads, the disclosure will show in “Why this ad?” which can be accessed through the AdChoices icon AdChoices icon

For some ad formats and features, it’s the advertiser’s responsibility to include in-ad disclosures in election ads. Learn more about the policy.

To provide transparency for users, Google publishes a Political Advertising transparency report and a political ads library. Only ads that are in scope of the election ads policy, and that are run by verified election advertisers, will be included in the report at this time. For example, EU Election Ads run by a verified EU election advertiser that serve in the EU will be included in the report. US Election Ads run by a verified EU election advertiser that serve in the EU will not be included.

Other ads: For ads you run that are not election ads, most ad formats will contain a disclosure using the information provided during the election advertising verification process. Google will also make publicly available additional information about your account(s) and non-election ads, as described here.

Keep in mind

  • Because information in the Google Ads payment profile is used for verification, if you make changes to your payment profile in Google Ads, you’ll need to complete identity verification again. You’ll receive an in-account notification when this is required.
  • If we find that you’ve violated our election advertising policy or you’ve provided false information during the verification process, your verification will be revoked, and your account may be suspended.
  • You’ll need to renew your verification periodically. You’ll receive a notification when this verification is required.
  • If you change your account’s invoice setup, you’ll need to verify your account again to run election ads.
  • Google Ad Grants accounts are not eligible to run election ads or apply for election ads verification.

Google may update these verification requirements at any time.

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