Image ad requirements

Image ads include an image with your ad and are available in a range of dimensions. Image ads are subject to the standard Google Ads policies and the requirements below. Note that these requirements also apply to Image overlay ads and HTML5 ads.

Animation in image ads

The following is not allowed:

Animations that last longer than 30 seconds

Note: Shorter animations can loop or repeat, but must stop after 30 seconds.

HD animated gifs are no longer supported in Google Ads

Learn how to fix a disapproved ad or extension. If you can’t edit the image to meet this requirement, upload a different image that complies with the policy.

Related policies and common disapprovals

The following Google Ads policies are especially relevant to image ads and are often associated with disapprovals. Learn about what happens if you violate our policies.

Image quality

All images used in advertising must meet certain quality standards. The image layout must conform to Google Ads standards and the image itself can’t be blurry. See the Image quality policy for more information.

Unclear relevance

All information should be relevant to what you’re advertising. For example, all submitted ad fields must represent the same advertiser and be relevant to the promoted product. See the policy on Unclear relevance for more information.

Misleading content

All information should be accurate and descriptive of what you’re advertising. See the Misleading content policy for more information. Image ads can’t contain images that resemble site warnings or error messages, and images can’t appear to be more than one ad.

Adult content

To keep ads relevant and safe for users, Google restricts adult content in certain circumstances. See the Adult content policy for more information. Image ads can’t contain any adult-oriented content.
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