Other restricted businesses: Call directory, forwarding, and recording services

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We restrict certain kinds of businesses from advertising with us to prevent users from being exploited, even if individual businesses appear to comply with our other policies. Based on our own continuous reviews, and feedback from users, regulators, and consumer protection authorities, we occasionally identify products or services that are prone to abuse. If we feel that certain kinds of businesses pose an unreasonable risk to user safety or user experience, then we may limit or stop related ads from running.

Learn more about the Other restricted businesses policy.

The following is not allowed:

red x mark Promotions for call directory, forwarding, and recording services

  • Examples (non-exhaustive): Call directory, call forwarding, and call recording services. These services usually involve calling a phone number to obtain another phone number (or business information such as address) or to be connected to another service.
Note: The following are not in scope for this policy: directory websites (such as, an online list or catalog of phone numbers), call recording software, subscriptions for businesses, business advertising their own official contact numbers.

Options to fix ad violations

Choose a different destination

Consider using a different destination that is compliant. Edit your ad's final URL to point to another part of your app or website that doesn't violate our policies, then save your ad so we can review it again.

Appeal policy decision

If you've fixed your destination or believe that we've made an error, appeal the policy decision directly from your Google Ads account to request for a review. After we confirm that the destination is compliant, we can approve your ads. If you aren't able to fix these violations or choose not to, remove your ad to help prevent your account from becoming suspended in the future for repeated policy violations.

Violations of this policy below will not lead to immediate account suspension without prior warning. A warning will be issued, at least 7 days, prior to any suspension of your account. Learn more about suspended accounts.

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