Please make sure to visit Your AdSense Page where you can find personalized information about your account to help you succeed with AdSense.

Account settings

Close your AdSense account

If you no longer want to use AdSense, you can close your AdSense account. Closing your AdSense account will automatically stop all AdSense ads serving on your site within 24 hours.

Note: Closing your AdSense account is different from closing your Google Account. When you close your Google Account, all Google product accounts associated with that account will be closed, and you'll be unable to access the accounts in the future. Your Gmail username will also be deleted and can't be used again in the future. Learn more about deleting your Google Account.

Before you close your AdSense account

You might want to export your reporting data. You won’t have access to performance reports from your account when your account is closed.

Tip: If you’d prefer to temporarily suspend your participation in the AdSense Program, you can do so by removing all the ad code from your pages. Your account will remain accessible. Note that after six months of inactivity, your AdSense account will be deactivated. If you decide to start using AdSense again, you'll need to reactivate your account. For more information, refer to: Your AdSense account was deactivated for being inactive.

Requirements for closing your AdSense account

Requirements to receive a final payment from your AdSense account

After you close your AdSense account, you'll receive a final payment within approximately 90 days of the end of the month, provided that:

  • Your AdSense account balance is greater than the cancellation threshold. Google will not make payments for any earned balance that does not reach this threshold.
  • Your address is verified.
  • Your account has no payment holds.
  • You don’t have an open AdMob account. Otherwise your earnings will be transferred to your AdMob account balance.

Your final payment will be paid to the primary payment method on your payments profile.

How to close your AdSense account

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Account.
  3. Click Settings, then Account information.
  4. On the "Account information" page, click Close account.
    Note: If you don't have the option to close your account, you may not be an account Administrator.
  5. Review the information on the "Closing your account" page.

  6. Select the checkbox for each account you want to close.
    Note: If the account checkbox is inactive, it means you can't close your account. This could be because your address needs verifying, your payments are on hold, or the account has a conflicting product (e.g., an Ad Manager account that prevents AdSense account closure). After you've verified your address, removed the hold, or closed your Ad Manager account, you can complete the steps to close your account. For more information, visit:
  7. Click Close account.

After your AdSense account is closed

  • Your AdSense ad code will stop working, so make sure you've removed the ad code from all of your pages.
  • If you've closed all your other accounts (Ad Manager, AdMob, and AdSense for YouTube) and you want to use AdSense again, you can reactivate your AdSense account. Alternatively, you can sign up for a new AdSense account.
  • If you have other open accounts (Ad Manager, AdMob, or AdSense for YouTube) you might still be able to access some features in your account.
  • If you've associated a search engine with this AdSense account, the search will continue to work, but the ads will no longer be associated with this account. To earn revenue again, you'll need to create a new AdSense association.

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