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Address (PIN) verification

Address verification (PIN) overview

To protect the security of your account, Google requires you to verify your payments address before we can send you any payments.

How address verification works

Address verification timeline, described in text, below.

  1. You enter your payments address in AdSense when you activate your account.
  2. When your earnings reach the verification threshold, Google sends a unique 6-digit Personal Identity Number (PIN) to your payments address through international standard mail. Google doesn't provide a tracking number for the PIN mail, so make sure your payments address can receive standard mail.
    Note:  If we've asked you to verify your identity, we won't send your PIN until after you've successfully completed identity verification.
  3. It usually takes 3 weeks for your PIN mail to arrive. If you haven’t received your PIN mail in 3 weeks, please request a replacement PIN.
  4. When you receive your PIN mail, follow these steps to verify your payments address immediately:
    1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
    2. Click Payments and then Verification check.
    3. Enter the PIN exactly as it appears in your PIN mail.
      Note: If you enter your PIN incorrectly 3 times, your account will stop showing ads.
    4. Click Submit.

Your payments address is now verified. You'll be paid out when your account balance reaches the payments threshold, as long as there are no holds on your account and you're in compliance with the AdSense Program policies.

Address verification timeline

You'll have 4 months from the date your PIN is generated to complete address verification. If you haven't verified your payments address after 4 months, we'll stop showing ads on your pages.

If we can't verify your address due to fraudulent activity  associated with that address

If the address you provided has been associated with fraudulent activity, you'll need to change your payments address to a new, valid postal address that can receive your PIN. Your new address must be different from your previous one. 

After your new address is verified, you can request a PIN:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Payments and then Verification check.
  3. Click Resend PIN.
Note: If you can't provide a valid payments address, ads will stop showing on your site.

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