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Opportunities and experiments

Auto ads experiments

Auto ads experiments let you compare different Auto ads settings on your site to see which perform the best. For example, you can test different ad formats and ad loads, or compare having Auto ads on versus Auto ads off. You don't need to edit the AdSense code on your site to run Auto ads experiments.

Note: You can only have one active Auto ads experiment per site at a given time.

Create an auto ads experiment

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Optimization and then Experiments.
  3. If you have other experiments running, click New experiment.
  4. In the "Auto ads" card, click Auto ads.
  5. Select the site on which you want to set up the experiment.
    Tip: You can search or filter to find a specific site.
  6. In the ad settings preview, select which Auto ads settings you'd like to change for the variation. You can use the Show original switch to move between your original settings and the variation.
    Note: The page exclusions option is grayed out because page exclusions are not available for experiments.
  7. Click Run experiment.
  8. Give your experiment a name.
  9. Click Run experiment. Your experiment now moves into the "running" state, and we start collecting data.
Note: You might have to wait a few days for the initial results of your experiment to appear.

Evaluate your Auto ads experiment

Visit the "Experiments" page to monitor your experiment. You can click Compare settings on the experiment's page, to see the original settings and the variation.

When your experiment has collected enough data, you can evaluate whether the original setting or the variation is performing better. Note that the metrics in Auto ads experiments show you the impact across your entire site (including any ad units you're using), rather than just Auto ads. This is to help you better understand the effect Auto ads has on your site, particularly if you have existing ad units.

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