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Ads for search

Create a search style

Here's how to create a new style for your search ads, shopping ads, and related search units:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Ads for search, then Search styles.
  3. Click New Search Style.
  4. Select the theme that matches your search results page.
  5. Click Search ads to style your search ads. For more information, see Search style ad settings.
  6. Click Shopping ads to style your shopping ads. For more information, see Search style shopping ads settings.
  7. Click Related searches to style your related search units. For more information, see Search style related search settings.
  8. (Optional) Turn on Preview search and shopping ads to preview how your ads appear together.
    Tip: You can also toggle the platform and width to see how the ads look on different device sizes.
  9. Click Save style or Save and get code.
    Note: AdSense checks your search style against the latest style validation rules. Your search style must meet the latest rules to be saved successfully. The editor will highlight any settings that you need to adjust before saving. Note that style validation rules may change over time.

How to track the performance of your search styles

Visit the Reports page in AdSense, create a custom report and add the "Search style" breakdown.

Note: Click-derived metrics that receive less than 10 clicks per day will appear as 0 in your search style reports.

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