We recently launched Your AdSense Page where you can find personalized information about your account to help you succeed with AdSense.

The Optimization tab

Get ideas to improve your account performance

"Opportunities" on your Optimization page is an entire section dedicated to helping you improve your account performance. You can think of the page as a personal assistant who customizes opportunities for your account. It can help you to maximize your revenue and performance.

We recommend that you check your "Opportunities" page regularly. Whether you optimize your account once a day or once a month, it's constantly working in the background to spot opportunities for you to improve. And we’ll keep adding more opportunities over time.

Opportunity types

There are several different types of opportunity that you might see on your "Opportunities" page:

Opportunities related to ad settings
You might see opportunities to increase your earnings by changing your ad settings.
Opportunities related to ad placement
You might see opportunities to increase your earnings by moving your ad units to different locations on the page where they'll perform better, for example, moving them below the header.
Opportunities related to ad categories
You might see opportunities to increase your earnings by opting in to showing ads from general or sensitive ad categories that you're currently blocking.
Opportunities related to your site
You might see opportunities to increase revenue and visitor satisfaction by making changes to your site, for example, by optimizing your site for multiple screen sizes.

Verified by experiment

If you've switched on automatic experiments, you might see opportunities with the "Impact verified by experiment" label. These opportunities are backed up by the results of experiments run by Google on your behalf. You can apply their recommended changes with confidence.

Working with your opportunities

Here's a list of the various things that you can do with your opportunities:

View more details about an opportunity
Click on an opportunity to learn more about it. Each opportunity has a details page where you can see an explanation of the recommended changes, the page or ad unit that the opportunity applies to (if applicable) and the actions that you can take.

If you have multiple opportunities of the same type, then they'll be combined together into one details page, making it easier for you to work on them at the same time.

Apply an opportunity

Many opportunities can be implemented immediately. If you're ready to proceed with the recommended changes, click Apply now (or Apply all if you're applying multiple opportunities) and the changes will go into effect immediately.

Note that once you decide to apply the recommended changes, there's no way to automatically revert back to your previous ad settings. However, you can make changes manually to your ad settings at any time.

Mark an opportunity as done
Some opportunities require you to take action, for example, to create a new ad unit or move an existing ad unit on your page. Once you’ve completed the recommended action, you can let us know by clicking I’ve done this.
Run an experiment from an opportunity
Some opportunities give you the option to run an A/B experiment instead of immediately applying the recommended changes. If you're unsure about applying an opportunity you can always choose to first run an A/B experiment on your site to test the performance of your current settings against the recommended settings.
Dismiss an opportunity
If you're not interested in an opportunity, click the X to dismiss it, and the opportunity will be removed from your "Opportunities" page.

Why you might not see opportunities

We only show opportunities if we determine that they're applicable to your site and believe they'll have a positive revenue or traffic impact. Even though you might not see any opportunities right now, we recommend that check your "Opportunities" page regularly.

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