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About the Revenue profile report

The Revenue profile report shows you your average RPM across different segments of your top performing ad requests. For example, you can use this report to see the RPM of the top performing 5% or 10% of your ad requests. The Revenue profile report is a useful tool to help you understand the value of your top performing ads.

Your top performing ads are selected using their Ad Rank. We calculate the average RPM using the revenue generated by these ads.

You might find the Revenue profile report particularly useful if you want to:

  • Track your top ad request RPM
  • See a profile of the value of your ad requests
  • Monitor your ad request coverage.
Note that Revenue profile report only includes data from the AdSense for content product.

How to access the Revenue profile report

To access the Revenue profile report: click Reports, then click Revenue profile.

If you see a message that says we're unable to show your revenue profile, it means that currently we don't have enough ad request data to generate the Revenue profile report for your account. You can either try extending the date range using the drop-down, or check back later when you have more ad requests.

Increasing the number of high value ad requests

If you're looking for best practices that might help to increase the number of high performing ad requests you get, we recommend the following:

Sample report

Here's an example of a Revenue profile report:

Example Revenue profile report
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