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View historical changes to your account

You can view historical changes made to your account as notes in your reports. Notes are shown as icons under the chart area, and highlight actions you’ve taken that might have influenced your earnings. For instance, if you blocked a category of ads from your pages last Tuesday and then created a new ad unit the next day, you’ll see these two changes as notes.

Show notes on a chart

  1. While viewing your report, click Notes  under the chart area.

    Your notes appear along the bottom of the chart as . The number is the number of notes recorded over the specified time period.

  2. Click a note to jump to the date and description of the historical change.

Add a note to a chart

You can add your own notes to charts. For example, you might want to record the date when you redesigned your site or there was an impactful event (e.g., a natural disaster, a political event, etc.). Keeping a record of events that affect account performance can help you understand fluctuations in your metrics on specific dates.

  1. While viewing your report, click Notes under the chart area.
  2. Click Add note Add. The note window opens.
  3. In the calendar, select your date.
  4. In the "Note" field, enter your description (1000 character limit).
  5. Click Save.

    Your new note is displayed under the chart.

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