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Filter your report data

Filters, along with metrics and breakdowns, determine what data is shown in your reports. They can help you understand your reporting data, find trends, and drill down to the information you really need. For example, you can use filters to look at specific ad units, countries, or ad formats across a specified date range. You can add multiple filters to your reports to further refine your data.

What do filters do?

Filters hide unnecessary or unwanted data from your reports. When you add a filter, you're defining what you want to view in the report, and AdSense will hide anything that doesn't match the criteria in its filters.

Where are the filters in a report?

Filters can be added, removed, and adjusted in the filter box above the chart area of your report. When you add a filter, it's applied to the chart and table within the same report.

Example of a search or filter your data field.

Add a filter

  1. While viewing your report, click Filter Filter.
  2. Click a breakdown in the drop-down list.
  3. Select the items that you want to filter on.
  4. Click Apply.
Tip: You can also search for an item to create a filter from by typing its name in the filter box.

Change a filter

  1. While viewing your report, click the filter you want to change.
  2. Select the items you want to add or remove from your filter.
  3. Click Apply.

Remove a filter

To remove a single filter, click Remove Remove next to the filter you want to remove. To remove all of the filters from a report, click Remove all filters Remove at the end of the filter box.

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