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Use Google Analytics with AdSense

Linking AdSense and Analytics accounts FAQs

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about linking AdSense and Analytics accounts.

Expand all  Collapse all Can I integrate multiple AdSense properties with one Analytics web property?

Yes, you can integrate multiple Adsense properties with one Analytics web property.

Can I integrate one AdSense property with multiple Analytics web properties?

Yes, you can integrate one Adsense property with multiple Analytics web properties.

Will users with access to my Analytics account have access to my AdSense account?

No, they won't. If you’ve given someone access to your Analytics account, they won’t be allowed to sign in to your linked AdSense account.

However, keep in mind that the AdSense data that is linked to your Analytics profiles is visible to anyone with access to those profiles in your Analytics account. If you're concerned about users on your Analytics account having access to your AdSense data, note that you can disable or enable AdSense data for individual profiles.

Will users who have access to my AdSense account be able to see the ID of my linked Analytics account?

Yes. All users who have access to your AdSense account will be able to see the account ID of your linked Analytics account. However, the link can only be established by a user who has Administrator access to your AdSense account and Edit permission on the Google Analytics property. Users need only be an administrator with either Analytics or AdSense (not both) to remove a linkage.

Do I need to have an existing Analytics account in order to integrate?

Yes. In order for you to display detailed AdSense performance data within Analytics, you'll need to have an Analytics account.

If you already have an account, you can easily link it to your AdSense account. If you don’t have an Analytics account, visit the Google Analytics website to sign up for a new account.

Can I use my Analytics account independently of AdSense once I've integrated?

Yes; once you've linked your AdSense and Analytics accounts you can continue to use your Analytics account for tracking and traffic analysis just as you have in the past.

I’ve linked to the wrong Analytics account - what should I do?

If you've linked to the wrong Analytics account, first unlink your AdSense account from Analytics and then follow the linking process again to link the correct Analytics account.

How do I view Google Analytics report cards on my AdSense homepage?

You can only view Google Analytics cards if:

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