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"Change event" types in performance reports

On your Reports page, you can view historical data on account changes, both system-generated and user-added notes. These fluctuations are recorded as change events. In the "Events" view, your reports display numbered graphs that indicate when the change took effect as well as which metrics were affected. Here's a list of the change event types:

Ad unit changes

  • New ad unit created
  • Font size changed
  • Font face changed
  • Type (text & display, text only, display only) changed
Only ad units created and saved to your account are eligible to show historical changes.

Custom channel changes

  • Ad unit added to/removed from this channel
  • Placement targeting enabled/disabled
  • Placement targeting ad location changed
  • Placement targeting description changed
  • Placement targeting language changed

Allowing and blocking ads

  • Ad review center: Auto-approve enabled/disabled
  • General category allowed/blocked
  • Sensitive category allowed/blocked


  • Authorized sites enabled/disabled
  • Domain added to/removed from authorized sites
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