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Ad implementation guidelines

AdSense for content ads on game play pages

As a general guideline, a user that doesn’t speak the language of your page should be able to navigate from the game play page to the actual game without accidentally clicking on ads. This policy in particular is intended to address two forms of AFC implementations on gaming pages that confuse the user and tend to entice accidental clicks. See the AFG program policies for more information. Note that this policy also applies for implementing advertisements using the Ad Exchange.

Failure to follow the policies below will result in invalid click activity that ultimately lowers publisher revenue. Invalid click activity decreases advertiser conversion rates which in turn decreases the amount that advertisers are willing to bid for their ads to show on your page. This is known as smart pricing. Invalid activity will also result in deductions to estimated revenue at the end of the month.

Interstitial ad pages

Game play buttons should not lead to interstitial pages dominated by AdSense for content units with no obvious game play links. More generally, links intended to navigate the user to gameplay should not deceive the user into clicking AdSense ads. Learn more about placing AdSense ads on interstitial pages.

Inconspicuous play buttons

Game play buttons should be clickable and placed in an obvious location. Having a play image as well as text minimizes user confusion and accidental clicks. Ad units should not surround game play links too closely. View our full policy regarding deceptive AdSense implementation.

Move your AdSense for content ad units away from the game

We strongly recommend that Adsense for content ad units be placed at least 150 pixels away from the game, or removed entirely from game play pages. Many games require a lot of mouse movement and clicks, and users can accidentally move their cursor out of the game area and onto an adjacent ad. Moving your ad units will help minimize accidental clicks and invalid activity. Please visit this Inside AdSense blog post for more information: Keeping the right distance.

Illustration of placing ad 150 pixels away from a game in Google Ad Sense.


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