Ads or account disabled

Account suspended for invalid activity or policy reasons

Why was my account suspended? Can you tell me more?

Google treats policy violations and invalid activity very seriously in order to protect the users, publishers, and advertisers who make up our advertising ecosystem. While we usually notify publishers and take action for policy and invalid activity at the site level, there may be times when we will need to suspend or disable accounts due to policy violations or invalid activity.

Suspending an account provides the publisher with 30 days to make the relevant changes to their sites. If you have been suspended, you’ll still be able to log into your AdSense account. However, no ads will be shown for 30 days, and you’ll notice a payment hold automatically added to your account. At the end of this suspension period, we’ll automatically re-enable ad serving, remove the payment hold, and monitor your account to ensure compliance. Please note that if additional issues with policy violations or invalid activity persist following an account’s suspension period, we may permanently disable the account.

If your account is suspended, you’ll receive an email stating whether this action was due to policy violations or invalid activity. Please search your email for a message from AdSense and review the relevant section below.

Account suspension for policy violation(s)

Our program policies are in place to help ensure a positive experience for everyone who makes up our advertising ecosystem. When we come across a violating site, we either a) send a warning message asking you to fix the site or b) disable ad serving to the site immediately if the violation is severe.

If our policies are repeatedly or egregiously violated then we may need to move beyond action at the individual site level and take action at the account-level. We may temporarily suspend your account to provide you with an opportunity to review all of your content, fix violations, and put safeguards in place to help ensure your policy compliance.

To learn more about the policy issues that contributed to your suspensions, log into your account and review your violation history. For tips on monitoring your sites for policy violations and clarification about our policies, we recommend reviewing the following resources:

Our hope is that you will be able to resolve your policy issues during the suspension period. If you continue to violate our policies after the suspension period then your account will be disabled. Payment for the 60 days prior to the disabling will be withheld and the money will be returned to impacted advertisers.

For more information about account suspensions for policy violations, see: Understanding policy account warnings and suspensions

Account suspension for invalid activity

In addition to monitoring for policy violations, we analyze all clicks and impressions to determine whether they fit a pattern of use that might artificially drive up an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. If we determine that your account has invalid activity, then we may suspend your account and refund all account earnings along with Google’s revenue share to impacted advertisers.

Account suspension gives you time to investigate the sources of invalid activity, identify and block suspicious traffic, and put measures in place to ensure clean traffic. To help you identify the possible sources of invalid activity, we’ve put together a list of our top reasons for account closure. Additionally, we recommend learning how to segment your traffic to help you best understand, monitor, and evaluate the traffic to your site. This may also help you identify sources of invalid activity. For more information visit our Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center.

If invalid activity persists and continues to provide low value traffic to our ads ecosystem, then we may need to disable your account.

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