Smart segmentation

Create an ad unit using smart segmentation

Smart segmentation is only available for interstitial and rewarded ad units. 

Unlock new ads revenue with smart segmentation

The following steps will help you create a new ad unit using smart segmentation in your AdMob account, then implement it in your app's code. You must complete all of these steps to start showing ads in this ad unit.


  1. There are two ways to create an ad unit using smart segmentation:
    1. From the Home page
      1. Click Create ad unit next to an eligible app in the smart segmentation card on the home dashboard. 
    2. From the Ad Unit
      1. Click Apps in the sidebar.
      2. Select the name of the app you're creating this ad unit for. If you don't see it in the list of recent apps, you can click Add app to add a new app or click View all apps to search a list of all of the apps you've added to AdMob.
      3. Click Ad units in the sidebar.
      4. Click Get started. If you've already created ad units for this app, click Add ad unit
      5. Select the ad format you'd like to use. Note: Smart segmentation is only available for interstitial and rewarded ad units.
  2. Enter a name for this ad unit. Recommended: Include relevant information, such as ad format and location in your app to make it easier to identify later.
  3. Click Advanced settings
  4. Click the Smart segmentation toggle to enable it.
  5. Select the smart segmentation mode:
    • Experiment mode: Experiment mode allows you to test the ad unit with smart segmentation enabled on 10% of your app’s users for 90 days.
    • Full mode: The ad unit with smart segmentation enabled is used on 100% of your app’s users.
  6. (optional) Complete the other advanced settings for this ad unit:
    • Ad type: Choose the ad type(s) allowed to be shown in this ad unit. You can choose any combination of ad types by checking the boxes. Unchecking all of the boxes will result in an error. You must choose at least one ad type for each ad unit. Suggestion: To try and help maximize revenue for this ad unit, we suggest checking all of the boxes.
    • Frequency capping: Determines the number of times this ad unit can show an ad to the same user. You can choose not to set a limit, or you can limit ads for each user by the number shown per minute, hour, or day.
    • eCPM floor: You can set an eCPM floor (also known as a minimum eCPM) for each ad unit you create. This instructs the AdMob Network not to serve ads to this ad unit with eCPM values below the minimum eCPM you’ve set.
      1. Click the eCPM floor toggle to turn it on and enable eCPM floors for your ad unit.
      2. Enter a global eCPM value for the AdMob Network to use as a floor.
      This eCPM floor only applies to the AdMob Network. It does not apply to third-party ad networks and custom events configured as ad sources in a mediation group.
    • (optional) Country-specific floors: If you've enabled an eCPM floor in the previous step, you can click Add country-specific floors to add country-specific eCPM floors for this ad unit. Country-specific eCPM floors will override this ad unit’s global eCPM value only when ad requests originate from the selected country.
      1. Select a country for which you want to set a specific floor. It will be added to the list of selected countries. You can select whole regions, or expand each section to view the individual countries within a region.
      2. Click the Edit icon beside the country or region you selected and enter an eCPM floor value. 
      3. Click Set to save the eCPM value. 
      4. Repeat these steps for each country you select.
  7. Click Create ad unit.
  8. Follow the instructions in the Google Developers Get Started guide (Android, iOS, Unity) to implement this ad unit in your app code to start showing ads. You will need your app ID and ad unit ID during implementation.

    Implementing a smart segmentation ad unit is the same as implementing a regular interstitial (Android, iOS, Unity) or rewarded (Android, iOS, Unity) ad unit.

    This ad unit won't show ads until you've completed this step. If you're not ready to implement the ad unit, you can click Email this to send the instructions by email or click Done to exit the page.


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