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Multiple Customer Management (MCM)

Managers using MCM

The aim of this guide is to help you make the most out of the Multiple Customer Management (MCM) tool when optimizing your publishers.

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Get started with MCM

To become a manager using MCM, work with your account manager to complete the application process. After receiving approval, your AdMob account will be upgraded with additional features to help you manage other publishers.

Before creating an MCM arrangement, you’ll need to obtain the publisher's AdMob publisher ID and discuss the percentage of the publisher’s earnings you’ll be paid in exchange for your services. This is identified as the “auto-payment percentage” because once your MCM arrangement is established, publishers will send you this percentage automatically.

The invitation process to create this formal relationship is handled via AdMob; however, the publisher ID and the auto-payment percentage is required to complete the invite.

The auto-payment percentage earnings only applies to revenue from the AdMob Network and certain bidding ad sources. Revenue from a third-party waterfall ad source can’t be auto-paid through AdMob.

Use the MCM tool

In the Managed accounts section of your account, you can view details about all of your managed publishers, access publisher accounts, send or view invitations to publishers, and download your payment records. 

About the dashboard

The Dashboard shows you information about each of the publisher accounts you’re managing, including eligible estimated earnings and the auto-payment percent for each managed account. 

Note: Eligible estimated earnings is the total revenue generated from the AdMob Network per publisher. Your auto-payment amount will be based off these earnings once they are finalized. 

To view an estimate of the publisher's revenue from all ad sources, access the publisher's account

The amounts are estimates that are subject to change when earnings are verified for accuracy at the end of every month. 

About Payment records

In the Payment records tab, you can download monthly records that provide a comprehensive view of each managed account's transactions. The records include the auto-payment amount the publisher received and the auto-payment amount you received. It also includes the currency that both amounts were paid in.  

Note that publishers sometimes receive deductions to their account over the course of a billing cycle. As the manager of the account, you'll receive a corresponding deduction based on your auto payment percent. For example, if the publisher was deducted $100 and your auto-payment percent is 20%, you’ll be deducted $20. 

Your payment records will include the amount deducted per managed account if any deductions were received during the billing cycle. Currently, payment records don't include the total amounts deducted from the managed account. In this case, the auto-payment deduction amount to the managed publisher is denoted with a “--”.  

Note: If your publisher uses partner bidding, the publisher will receive 100% of earnings from partner bidding. Partner bidding is excluded from the earnings you receive as part of your auto-payment percent. 

Acquire publishers (MCM)

MCM is an invite-only initiative; you have the final say on the publishers you work with. However, you should discuss beginning an MCM arrangement with the publisher prior to sending an invitation. 

Once you obtain the publisher ID from the publisher and you agree on the auto-payment percentage, you can send the invitation to publishers through your AdMob account.

Complete the following steps to invite a publisher to begin an MCM arrangement.  

Invite a publisher

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Managed accounts in the sidebar. 
  3. Click the Invitations tab.
  4. Click Invite publisher.
  5. Enter the following:
    • Publisher name: The name for the publisher you want to manage. This name is not visible to the publisher. 
    • Publisher ID: The unique identifier for the AdMob account. You must obtain the ID directly from the publisher. 
    • Desired auto-payment % of publisher's earnings: The percentage of the publisher’s earnings you are requesting to receive in exchange for your services.
  6. Click Invite publisher.

You can check the status and details of your invitations in the Account invitations tab. You can also edit or delete any pending invitations. 

Access publishers' accounts

Once a publisher has been linked to your account, you can start to manage their AdMob account. 

In the Managed accounts tab, you can view the publisher’s estimated earnings, impressions, and eCPM for a selected date range. 

To access a publisher’s account:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Managed accounts in the sidebar. 
  3. In the Dashboard, Click New tabnext to the publisher’s account you want to access.

This opens the AdMob account of the publisher where you can make changes. From here, you can manage monetization including mediation setup, view reports, set blocking controls, and access all of the publisher’s apps.

Note: You can add users to your AdMob account to help manage accounts. Learn more about user access to your account.

Use the Policy center

Managers can access the Policy center in the publisher’s account. When a violation is detected, an email is sent to the publisher and all of the manager admin users. When an appeal is created, an email is sent only to the user who created the appeal. When an appeal is resolved (approved or not), an email is sent to the publisher and all of the manager admin users. 

Note: Managers can appeal AdMob violations, but cannot appeal Google Play violations. The owner of the Google Play account must appeal the Play violation. 

Change or end the management arrangement

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Managed accounts in the sidebar. 
  3. In the Dashboard, find the publisher you want to modify and click More
    1. To change the auto-payment percentage, click Compose and propose a new auto-payment percent. The publisher will have to approve the change before it takes effect.
    2. To end a management arrangement, click Delete. Review the on-screen information and click End arrangement. The publisher will be notified that you ended the arrangement, and you’ll no longer be able to access the publisher’s account effective immediately. The auto-payment will end within one day.  

If a publisher ends the management arrangement, you’ll be notified via email and in the Managed accounts tab.

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