AdMob & AdSense program policies

Tag an ad request for EEA users under the age of consent (TFUA)

You can mark your ad requests to receive treatment for users in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK under the age of consent. This feature is designed to help facilitate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Note that you may have other legal obligations under GDPR. Please review the European Union’s guidance and consult with your own legal counsel. Please remember that Google's tools are designed to facilitate compliance and do not relieve any particular publisher of its obligations under the law. Learn more about how the GDPR affects publishers

When using this feature, a TFUA (Tag For Users under the Age of Consent in Europe) parameter will be included in the ad request. This parameter disables personalized advertising, including remarketing, for that specific ad request. It also disables requests to third-party ad vendors, such as ad measurement pixels and third-party ad servers. 

Including the TFUA parameter in an ad request takes precedence over any applicable site-level settings.

If you're using Google's advertising services and would like to request child-directed treatment per COPPA at the app level, rather than per ad request, see Tag an app for child-directed treatment.

Google Mobile Ads SDK

As an app developer, you can indicate whether you want Google to treat your content as suited for users under the age of consent per GDPR when you make an ad request.

You can set tag_for_under_age_of_consent to indicate whether your content should be treated for users under the age of consent per GDPR. Read the developer documentation for Android and iOS for more information.

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