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Add dimensions to your report tables

Dimensions, along with metrics and filters, determine what data is shown in your reports. Dimensions help you to break down report data by certain attributes, such as the ad format or the platform an ad was viewed on. Add multiple dimensions to your reports to further refine your data.

What do dimensions do?

Functionally, dimensions determine how your report is organized. For example, if you wanted to view your earnings broken down by countries, you could add the country dimension. Adding new dimensions further reorganizes and refines the data.

Where are the dimensions in a report?

The list of available dimensions in a report can be shown or hidden by clicking the Edit icon at the top of the report table. They're displayed in the right sidebar of the table.

The dimensions already being used in a report are labeled with column headers and appear on the left side of your report table.

Note: The default reports found at the top of your Reports page contain different sets of metrics and dimensions. When you start a new report, it’s a good idea to consider these differences before deciding which report to start from.


Example of the dimensions table in Ad Mob.

Change the displayed dimensions

Not all available dimensions are displayed in reports by default. You can edit the report table to select different dimensions to display.

Complete the following steps to change which dimensions are shown in your report:

  1. While viewing your report, click Edit at the top of the report table to open the list of available dimensions and metrics. Example of the edit report table in Ad Mob.
  2. Click the dimensions you want to add or remove from your report. The selected dimensions will be displayed in the report automatically.
  3. Click Edit to close the list of available dimensions and metrics.
    Note: The order of dimensions in the report depends on the order you add them. You have the flexibility to add or remove dimensions in any order you want.


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