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European regulations overview and guidance

Technical ad delivery

Technical ad delivery is a solution to help publishers who have adopted the IAB Europe TCF deliver ads in adherence to GDPR when consent and legitimate interest for non-special purposes aren’t present.

Technical ad delivery relies on IAB Europe TCF Special Purpose 1 (SP1) and Special Purpose 2 (SP2) and will utilize IP addresses for the technical delivery of ads. It will not utilize any other personal data processing operations allowed under a different TCF purpose.

Set up Technical ad delivery

Technical ad delivery doesn’t require any implementation in the AdMob user interface. If you set up your CMP to call AdMob on traffic without legitimate interest or consent, AdMob will attempt to serve technical ad delivery-eligible creatives.

Targeting requirements for Technical ad delivery traffic:

  • Demand: Non-Google waterfall mediation only.
  • Location: Mediation groups without specific location targeting will be eligible for Technical ads, including all mediation groups using the "All countries and territories" or "Excluded countries and territories" location segment options.

Please work with your waterfall mediation partners to understand how they will operate for this traffic and to ensure they are operating in line with user privacy choices.

Also, please work with your CMP to review the IAB Europe TCF purposes you are gathering consent and legitimate interest for to ensure you are serving Limited ads and Technical Ads as intended.

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