Block ad experiences

Control what kinds of ads and ad behaviors are eligible for your inventory
Update to video controls: In the coming weeks, the “Allow video ads” opt-in will migrate to blocks and be renamed “Block non-instream video ads.”

You can block ad experiences from appearing on your network or specified inventory. Note that enabling blocks can reduce your revenue by not allowing some ads to serve.

Tip: Ad Exchange tags can't be used with protections. Implement Google Publisher Tags instead.

Ad experience blocks apply to these transactions

  • Open Auctions
  • First Look
  • Private auctions

Private auctions block settings are within the individual auction settings, rather than in the Ad content protections settings. Learn more

Get started

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Protections and then Protections.
  3. Click New protection and then Ad content.
  4. Enter a name for your protection.
  5. (Optional) From the “Inventory type” dropdown, select the medium on which you want to control the display of ads, such as Mobile app.

Target specific inventory

  1. To target specific inventory:
    1. Select Only protect specified inventory.
    2. Click Add targeting and select an item from the dropdown.
    3. On the item you added, click Expand and make your targeting selections.
    4. (Optional) To close the item, click Collapse and add more targeting as needed. 
       Learn more about targeting in protections.

Enable blocks for ad experiences

  1. Under “Blocks,” next to “Ad experiences,” click Add.
  2. To enable a block, click the switch on On enable.
    Blocks for ad experiences include:
    • Block display ads: Blocks all display ads. Allows only video ads for targeted inventory. Instream inventory will continue to show video ads.
    • Block non-instream video ads: Blocks all display creative types and allows only non-instream video for specified inventory.

      You can’t enable "Block display ads" and "Block non-instream video ads" at the same time, as this would block all ads.

  3. Click Update.

More protections

  1. Add more protections as needed and click Save.
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