Create, traffic, and report on native video ads

When you create a native video ad, you can choose between a video content or video app install format. After you've defined your ad settings, styled and added targeting, you can set up line items and creatives.

Request native video via the SDK

Native video ads for in-app can be called using standard display banner ad code. Learn more about implementation and available customizations in the developer guide.

Native video styles

Native video styles determine how your native creatives look for a segment of inventory.

When you add a native video style, you either base it on an existing style or create a new one. Native ad formats define the variables that determine the content of your ads. Native styles give you the flexibility to define your own style, including video.

Create native video ads with the Guided design editor

The Guided design editor has simple controls that walk you through building and styling a native ad without the need to write code. You can optionally edit the CSS to customize your ad. Native creatives built in the design editor can serve as both Ad Exchange auction and direct-sold ads on web or mobile app.

To create a native video ad:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Native.
    • To create a new ad, click New native ad and then Single ad.

    • Click Select in the "Guided design editor" box.

    • To create an ad based on an existing style:

      1. Choose an existing video style.

        You can either search or filter existing styles by selecting Format and then  Video.

      2. Select the style and click Copy.
      3. Click the new style to edit with the design editor.
  3. Follow the instruction to configure native video ads with the design editor.

If you edit the HTML of an existing native style

The implementation of the %NATIVE_VIDEO_WRAPPER% macro, which triggers the video player, varies across platforms (mobile app, mobile web, and desktop) and is subject to change. To avoid any issues with unexpected changes, do not apply changes or styles to any elements in this wrapper.

The behavior of the video player in the style preview does not exactly match that of a live ad.

Set up your line item and creative

You can create an order and line items and add native creatives for native video just as you would any native creative, targeting the native video format used and setting the video in the creative.

Native video line items are considered display line items, not video. You can add other sizes (for example, banners or native display) to allow your native video to compete with other formats.

The creative preview is not currently available for native video. Preview in a live environment.

Report on native video

Native video currently supports the "Video viewership" and "Video interaction" reporting metrics at the ad unit level (not using native formats or styles). Not all dimension and metric combinations are currently available. 

You can add the creative technology dimension to your reports to identify the type of technology used to serve a creative, such as video.

Ad Manager has changed the way native video ad impressions are counted to align with industry standards for video. Previously, these impressions were counted on ad render, as is done with display ads. As of July 15, 2019, native video impressions are now only counted after the player begins playing the ad. 

Viewability and Active View impressions continue to be counted 2 seconds after the video starts. See where Active View viewability measurement is supported.

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