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Content explorer for Ad Manager provides you with a visual walkthrough of your video content library, grouped by relevant information, like content metadata or content bundles. You can explore data based on content groups to better understand and allow advertisers to reach specific audiences.


Data and insights for your top content

Whether you're exploring your full library or specific groups of videos, content explorer shows you straightforward and actionable insights. You can see highlights of the top content or devices, understand how certain content skews toward specific audience segments, or find out where you have inventory to sell

See the full list of content and insight graphs available. 


Requirements and feature availability

Ad Manager 360 video publishers using content ingestion can access content explorer. Contact your account manager for information on access or features.

  Coming soon

Content-level graphs and insights

Content explorer currently displays measurement and insights for aggregated sets of data, like content associated with content bundles or key-values. You'll soon be able to see data for individual videos, both in content explorer, and from the video content tab in Ad Manager.

Google audience data

Content explorer currently displays audience insights based on your first-party audience segments. You'll soon be able to see your content broken down by Google audience demographic data, giving you multiple data sources to classify your audience.

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