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Whether you're viewing all of your video content, or only content assigned to specific metadata key-values or content bundles, Ad Manager displays performance data in insights cards, without having to run a report.*

An overview of the information you'll see in these cards is shown here.

By default, some insights cards display data for the previous 7 days.

Where available, you can click Edit to see data from another date range, data from specific devices, and/or data from specific audience segments.

Audience segment insights

Your demographics-based audience segments where the most impressions served. Audience insights data reflects impressions matching your active first-party segments.**

Sell-through rate

The predicted available impressions and reserved impressions for this inventory. Learn more about this type of data and how to see more with future sell-through reports.

Top bundles

Your video content bundles where the most impressions served.

Top content

Your video content with the most impressions served.


Top device

Devices where the most impressions were served.

Top series

The series or shows with the most impressions served.

Traffic forecast

The previous week's traffic compared to a 5‑week traffic forecast.

Click View in traffic forecast for more tools to analyze past and future impressions.

All graphs and insights might not be available for all networks. Contact your account team for more information.

Data represents publisher owned and operated properties and YouTube.
YouTube content metadata is searchable in content explorer and insight data includes YouTube.

 * Data presented in insights cards is sampled data, which has been aggregated for scale and speed. You can use Ad Manager reporting for the most‑precise impression data.

** Audience segment insights require the use of first-party audience segments. Data is only displayed when a segment reaches 1000 impressions. If no data is displayed, there may not be enough impression data for the chosen segment(s).

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