Inventory settings

Manage inventory settings

You can manage various inventory settings that apply across your network. Find these settings under Inventory and then Network settings.

Suggested ad units

Toggle between whether you want Ad Manager to suggest new ad units for your network. If you add a new ad unit to an ad tag before defining the ad unit in Ad Manager, and at least 10 impressions serve to it, Ad Manager will suggest that you create an ad unit for it.

You can approve suggested ad units by clicking Inventory and then Ad units and then Suggested ad units.

Target window

Define how ads from your network open by default.

  • _blank: opens ads in a new window
  • _top: opens ads in the same window


Enter the details of the reward the user receives for watching a video ad. For example, if the reward for watching a video ad is to get 20 more lives in a game, enter a "Reward amount" of "20" and a "Reward type" of "lives"


Select the checkbox to activate Google AdSense to maximize revenue by competing on price, in real time, with your network, bulk, price priority, and house line items. If AdSense can provide a higher-paying ad, an AdSense ad will show. Learn more about setting up AdSense in Google Ad Manager.

Frequency caps

Limit the number of times users are shown creatives. For both types of frequency caps, you select the maximum number of impressions per user and then how often the cap will be reached.

  • Set label frequency caps: You also select the label the cap will be applied to.
  • Set ad unit frequency caps: Apply to all ad units that don't have their own frequency caps. These are useful when you want to set frequency caps across a format (like rewarded ads), and those formats are organized by ad unit.
    All creatives in an ad unit are frequency capped, so please use carefully to avoid inadvertently blocking ads.


Add labels so creative wrappers can be applied throughout the network. Creative wrappers are snippets of code that wrap around a creative when it's served. You can use them to serve third-party tracking pixels or other code that's useful to you.




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