Traditional ad transactions can include the following line item types: Sponsorship, Standard, Price Priority, Network, Bulk, House, and Click tracking.

The following table lists the different ways you can make ad transactions through Ad Manager.

  • The Programmatic and Traditional columns show how the parties (buyers and sellers) transact or negotiate.
  • The Guaranteed campaigns and Non-guaranteed campaigns rows display the type of commitment the parties have.



Guaranteed campaigns

Reserved inventory

Programmatic Guaranteed

  • Sponsorship
  • Standard



Non-guaranteed campaigns

Non-reserved inventory

Preferred Deals

Indirect sold

  • Open Auctions (Ad Exchange)
  • Open Bidding
  • Private Auctions
  • First Look
  • AdSense

Price priority




Click tracking

  • Indirect sold: Indirect sold transactions include those serving under the Open Auction (Ad Exchanges), Open Bidding, Private Auctions, First Look, and AdSense.
  • Direct sold: Others are direct sold transactions as they are one-to-one negotiations with a single buyer one specific inventory. Exceptions are "House" (where your network serves an ad for your own website or app that is not attached to a buyer) and "Click tracking" (which is not a campaign but serves the purpose of tracking clicks).
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