View ingested video CMS metadata

This is the new version of content ingestion and metadata management for Video Solutions.
With this version, you can target and filter based on your metadata after ingestion, without having to manually map and activate the data. Line items targeting one or more CMS metadata sources take up to 24 hours to start delivering impressions.

You can view the migration guide, or contact your account manager for information.

You can no longer map key-values to content metadata.

The targeting picker doesn't allow you to save content key-values (mapped metadata) from the "Custom targeting" type menu (since March 1, 2022).

Publishers that need to work around this can either:

When you ingest video content into Ad Manager, metadata from your content management system (CMS) is available to view in the Ad Manager interface.

Ingested CMS metadata is processed by:

  • applying NFKC normalization (learn more about normalization)
  • removing leading and trailing white spaces
  • replacing or merging any internal white spaces into a single space character
  • converting all characters to lower case
  • blocking reserved key words (for example, author, episode_name, size, and so forth)
  • truncating key names to 128 characters and value names to 2048 characters

View your video metadata key-values

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Video, then Content, then Metadata.
  3. All of your ingested video keys are displayed on this page.

    By default, 20 keys are shown. You can configure the page to display up to 100 keys.

  4. Click any key to view its values.
Once you've targeted metadata, it becomes available for reporting and able to be expanded via the Video metadata macro.

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