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Configure a mobile app viewability provider

Measure viewability with Ad Manager & the Open Measurement SDK
Some video features may not be supported for your network.
Open Measurement is supported on Web and CTV. Explore guidelines for HTML5 video advertising.

Open Measurement provides secure cross-publisher mobile app viewability measurement for supported third-party viewability providers.

Based on an industry standard, app developers can allow viewability measurement by any supported vendor with just one SDK integration. Once integrated, publishers can assign a viewability provider to an Ad Manager line item.

Ad Manager supports several viewability vendors, including:

  • Adform
  • Adloox
  • Bulbit
  • Comscore
  • DoubleVerify
  • Forensiq
  • Integral Ad Science (IAS)
  • Meetrics
  • Moat
  • Pixalate
  • Protected Media
  • Teemo
  • White Ops
  • Xandr/Appnexus

SDK implementation

The following SDKs support integration with Open Measurement:

Developers can learn more about supported formats for each SDK, and how to import the SDK and activate Open Measurement using the guides for iOS and Android, above.

For video-specific implementations, the GMA SDK should be used for basic video implementations, whereas the IMA SDK should be used for advanced video implementations.

Information on the Open Measurement standard can be found in the IAB documentation.

Configure a viewability provider for your Ad Manager network

Third-party viewability providers must be added to your Ad Manager network before they are available to assign to your line items. Learn how to add a new company.

What you need to add a viewability provider

You should obtain the following from each provider that you wish to add to your Ad Manager network. Additional settings, like contact information for the vendor are optional.

  • Vendor key: The vendor key usually has the format of [domain]-[usecase]
    For example:,,,
  • Script URL: the URL that hosts the verification script for the vendor
  • URL parameters: the parameters that should be passed to the downloaded verification script. These are the same as the VerificationParameters in the VAST 4.1 spec
  • Rejection tracker URL: the URL that should be pinged if the verification script can't be run

Assign a viewability provider to a line item

Once a supported viewability provider has been successfully added to your Ad Manager network, you can assign it to your line item and begin allowing third-party viewability measurement for creatives assigned to that line item.

Multiple providers can be added to individual line items.

Learn how to create or edit an Ad Manager line item.

Serve display-type native custom formats

To serve display-type native custom formats, you need to add the identifier that indicates you're certified as a partner by the IAB:

  1. Create a native ad using the HTML & CSS editor or Android & iOS app code option.
  2. ("HTML & CSS editor" option only) Select New format.
  3. Enter your identifier, which is the partner name that was registered with the IAB Tech LAB, in the "Open Measurement partner" field.
  4. Finish creating the native ad.

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