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Control the display of creatives on a line item

Whether you have a single creative or multiple creatives associated with a single line item, you can use the Display creatives setting to control how the creatives are displayed on a single webpage. 

Configure the "Display creatives" setting on a line item

To access the setting, follow the instructions to set up a new line item, or locate an existing line item and navigate to the Display creatives setting. The following options are available: 

  • One or more: When possible, serve multiple creatives in the line item per ad request, but don't stop serving if more than one can't serve together. Any number of creatives can show on the webpage—just one or all creatives.
  • Only one: Only serve one creative in this line item per ad request. Once the creative is shown, stop trying to serve creatives for this ad request. 
  • As many as possible: Prioritizes creatives associated with this line item to appear together on a page. 

    If a lower priority line item is set to As many as possible wins in the first slot, it effectively forces all other slots to be "blocked." This occurs even if there are higher priority line items that could be eligible to serve in the remaining slots. In the troubleshooting tab for the line items that lost, it shows that the higher priority line items were rejected due to "roadblocking."

  • All: All creatives must serve to the ad request or not at all. Requires Google Publisher Tags using single-request mode.

If there's only one creative in the line item, use One or more or Only one. Ensure you indicate a Count if there are multiple creatives of the same size. When there are multiple creatives of the same size, use As many as possible or One or more.

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Display the same creative more than once at the same time

In most cases, a given creative in a line item can only serve once per ad request.* If you want the same creative to appear more than once per ad request, copy the creative to associate multiple instances of the same creative.

Make sure you indicate a Count and use As many as possible or One or more.

Same-creative exclusion does not apply to Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed deals with advertiser-provided creatives. A similar result can be obtained, for Programmatic Guaranteed only, through the use of frequency caps.

* There may be rare occasions where a creative appears more than once on a webpage even though it's only associated with a line item once. This might occur if Google Publisher Tags are not using single-request mode

Display multiple creatives together

You can also choose to display a line item's creatives together as a set, or roadblock. Only use these creative display options for line items with multiple active creatives. These line items do not compete with Ad Exchange in dynamic allocation and are only delivered if eligible for the first matching ad slot on a page. Learn more about roadblocks

  • As many as possible: Prioritizes creatives associated with this line item to appear together on a page.
  • All: All creatives associated with this line item appear together on a page, or the line item cannot serve. This setting requires Google Publisher Tags using single-request mode. If another tag type requests this line item or if creative-level targeting is applied to any of the line item's creatives, the "As many as possible" setting is used.

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