Payments and reports for Programmatic Direct

Learn how reports and payments work for Programmatic Direct


Gross revenue for all Programmatic Direct campaigns can be determined by running reports in the Reporting for Ad Manager. To view programmatic campaigns in the Query Tool, use the filter for "Programmatic order" and set it to "True". This filter includes both Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals in Ad Manager (but not Preferred Deals originating from Ad Exchange). 

Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals in Ad Manager serve through Ad Manager. As such, use metrics for Ad Manager ("Ad server impressions" for instance) and not those for Ad Exchange reports.


Net payments for DFP Programmatic campaigns are set up the same way as Ad Exchange payments and follow a similar timeline as payments for Ad Exchange. While other transactions appear on the Transactions page by the 2nd of the month, DFP Programmatic payments don't reflected on the Transactions page until the 11th of the month.

To view transactions: 

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Navigate to Billing and then Payments and then Payments.

    If you're accessing this feature from Ad Exchange instead of Ad Manager, click Admin and then Payments and then Payments.

  3. Under "Transactions", click View transactions.

Payments are issued toward the end of the month, on the same schedule as other Ad Exchange payments, and disbursed to the same account you set up in your payment method.

Net versus gross

The rate and cost in Programmatic Direct line items reflect gross revenue before potential earnings are calculated as net payments to you. Learn more

Payment breakdown

Payments for Programmatic Guaranteed are separate from those for non-guaranteed transactions. Programmatic Guaranteed payments are listed under:

  • Earnings - Ad Exchange - Guaranteed Deals

Non-guaranteed payments are listed based on environment type. They combine all non-guaranteed transactions for a given environment type (including payments for both Preferred Deals in Ad Manager and Ad Exchange Preferred Deals). For instance, you might see:

  • Earnings - Ad Exchange for Video

This line would be indicate payments for all non-guaranteed transactions under the "In-stream video" inventory type.

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