Report on key-values

You can report on key-values using the Key-values dimension, select the keys you want to include in reports, transform your most important keys into custom dimensions, and see when reporting settings for keys were changed.

Make sure reportable key-values and custom dimensions stay within system limits.

Add targeting keys to reporting

Only targeting keys marked as "reportable" are included in Ad Manager reports. When you make a key reportable:

  • All values defined for that key are also included in reports from that time forward.
  • Reports covering dates before a key is added to reporting won't display data for the key.
  • Undefined values won't appear in reporting, even if their key is reportable. The values must be defined first.

To mark a key as reportable:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Key-values.
  3. Click the name of a key to be used in Ad Manager reports.
  4. Click Yes next to "Report on values".
    If you're editing an existing key, click edit and then Yes.
  5. Click Save.
    On the "Key-values" page, the value in the "Reportable" column will change to "On."
Key-values appear in Data Transfer regardless of this setting, as long as the key is added in Ad Manager.

Enhance key-value reporting with custom dimensions

Use frequently-used predefined keys  as "custom dimensions," which you can then select when setting up reports. Data is displayed in reports for custom dimensions only if the custom dimension key's predefined value was explicitly included in the request. Only impressions recorded after adding a custom dimension are included in reports that use the custom dimension.

Transform "predefined" keys into custom dimensions

  1. In Ad Manager, click Inventory and then Key-values.
  2. Click the name of a key to be used in Ad Manager reports.
  3. Click Yes to check the checkbox next to "Make a dimension".
  4. Add targeting values you want to include in Ad Manager reports.
  5. Click Save.
    On the "Key-values" page, the "Reported values" column will display the number of custom values that have appeared in reporting in the last 7 days.

Report on custom dimensions

  1. In Ad Manager, click Reports and then Queries and then New query.
  2. In the "Dimensions" section, click Custom Dimensions.
  3. Click the name of one or more keys you've added as a custom dimension.
  4. Add the remaining settings for your report.

The report can include the following rows:

  • (multiple values): An ad request is sent and the publisher has specified a key multiple times, or multiple values for a key.
  • (not applicable): Impressions or other metrics that don't match rows with custom dimensions.

See when keys were changed

You can can see when a key was set to be custom, reportable, or not reportable. From the key settings, click History in the upper right corner.

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