Troubleshoot out-of-page delivery

Find out why your interstitial ad isn't working as expected

Below are some common issues that affect Google Ad Manager out-of-page, or "interstitial", line item and creative delivery. Learn how to serve out-of-page creatives.

Out-of-page line item doesn't display

Before you begin, use Ad Manager troubleshooting tools to debug a specific ad slot to verify that your line item is eligible for the request, and whether it's losing in ad selection to another eligible line item. If your line item is eligible and delivering, but not displaying, check the following:

  • Frequency caps: If a frequency cap is applied to a line item, it will only display a limited number of time to each user.
  • Pop-up blockers: A pop-up blocker installed in your browser might prevent your line item from displaying. Deactivate all pop-up blockers to verify that this is not the issue.
  • Creative settings: Verify that you upload and preview the line item in Ad Manager, and that it is the "out-of-page" creative size assigned. Also, if the "Serve in a SafeFrame" setting is enabled, verify that your creative is equipped to use the SafeFrame API.
  • Google Publisher Tags (GPT) settings: Asynchronous rendering mode can affect out-of-page creative display, unless you have an iframe buster solution.

Out-of-page line item isn't generating impressions

Out-of-page line items usually require advanced browser technologies such as DHTML support in order to work properly. If a user's browser or operating system doesn't support these technologies, or if a user has ad blocking software installed, the line item may not display at all.

  1. Verify that your creative contains the %%VIEW_URL_UNESC%% impression-tracking macro. The %%VIEW_URL_ESC%% macro should be used if the template contains special characters.
  2. If you're delivering a custom creative from a creative template, make sure "Creative template for out-of-page creatives" is checked in the creative template settings.

Out-of-page line item isn't tracking clicks

  1. Check that the %%CLICK_URL_UNESC%% macro, or %%CLICK_URL_ESC%% macro if the template contains special characters, is included in the creative code.

  2. Follow the steps to troubleshoot a third-party creative that doesn't track clicks.

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