Archive proposals & proposal line items

Archiving sold proposals stops delivery and releases inventory

You can archive proposals or individual proposal line items. Archiving removes items from view to which you no longer need immediate access. You can still find archived items by filtering for them. You can only archive a proposal if the end date is in the past.

Common reasons for needing to archive proposals are that you:

  • Started a new proposal but never sent it to the buyer
  • Started negotiating a proposal but decided to terminate negotiation 
  • Sold a proposal and corresponding line items completed their delivery 

Common reasons for needing to archive proposal line items are that you:

  • No longer need one of the proposal line items in the proposal 
  • Sold a proposal that is set to deliver or currently delivering and want to stop delivery permanently and release inventory for corresponding line items
  • Completed proposal line items that are archived can't be unarchived
  • Proposals with completed and archived proposal line items can't be archived
  • If you intend to archive an entire proposal, you do not need to first archive individual proposal line items within that proposal. You can just archive the entire proposal

Archive proposals and proposal line items

New proposals never sent

If you started a new proposal but never sent it to the buyer, you can archive the entire proposal without delay or further action. 

Proposals under negotiation

If the proposal is under negotiation, and hasn't been accepted or finalized by the buyer, you'll need to terminate negotiation before you can archive the proposal. You can't archive individual proposal line items on proposals that have had negotiation terminated. If you need a modified version of a terminated proposal, without some of the proposal line items, copy the terminated proposal and modify accordingly.

Completed delivery

Proposals (and their proposal line items) can be archived without the need for buyer approval if their corresponding delivery order and line items completed their delivery—that is, the end dates of the line items are in the past. 

Sold proposals not yet started or currently delivering

Proposals that are sold and have not yet started delivery or are currently delivering need to be reopened. Once reopened, you can archive individual proposal line items in the proposal, including those with corresponding line items that are currently delivering or set to deliver. 

Archiving proposal line items requires you to request acceptance from the buyer again. Until the buyer accepts again, corresponding line items continue to deliver or are scheduled to deliver per the previously negotiated and finalized details. 

Archiving proposal line items is a negotiable setting that also triggers renegotiation.

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