Report on key-value targeting

To generate an accurate report that includes key-values, you must first define key-values under Inventory.

Keep in mind:

  • You can report on key-values in Query Tool using the Key-values dimension. You can also filter on Key-values.

  • Users of query tool functionality can report on both targeted and non-targeted pre-defined key-values. Reports include data for non-targeted key-values collected from June 1, 2013 onwards. They include non-targeted data by default. To include targeted data, select the "Targeted impressions" and "Targeted clicks" metrics.

  • If you're using free-form targeting values, you must do one of the following to report on them:

    • Add the value to the key in the "Key-values" section of the Inventory tab.

    • Target the entire key-value (not only the key) in at least one line item. The line item doesn't need to deliver impressions.

      For example, you might define a free-form key-value called articleID to target individual articles on your site. Once you target a line item to the key-value articleID=12345, you should be able to record impressions on that key-value.

      Additionally, free-form key-value pairs that match targeting values using the "begins with" (*) or "includes" (~) match don't appear in reports. To report on free-form key-values, a line item must target the entire key-value pair. For example, the targeting value articleID=example* doesn't enable key-value pairs such as articleID=example-one or articleID=example12345 to appear in reports.

  • If you're using pre-defined targeting values, you can report on key-values regardless of whether you target line items to them.

  • Key-values reporting differs slightly between Query Tool reports and data that's delivered through Data Transfer

     Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.


    • Query Tool reports only include key-values where both the key and the value are defined in Ad Manager.

    • Data Transfer reports include key-values where only the key is defined.

      For example, if the key "articleID" is defined, but the value "123456" is not, this key-value would be included in Data Transfer reports, but not in Query Tool reports.
The number of impressions attributed to key-values is not equivalent to the number of impressions per line item. Why? Single requests with multiple key-value pairs count an impression for each individual key-value pair. Also, the conditions indicated previously in this article must be met, and requests without key-values aren't included.

Users of Query Tool functionality can use Data Transfer to obtain a report of de-duplicated targeted key-value data. 

 Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

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