How first-party membership is determined

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360

Audience Solutions is a Google Ad Manager 360 feature might not be enabled in your network.

A website/app visitor becomes a member of a segment when they visit a page/app section containing an ad tag associated with the segment and, optionally, if they match the criteria in the custom key-values passed in the ad tag. Additionally, the visitor must meet the recency, frequency, and membership expiration goals you set up for the segment.

The visitor becomes a member of the segment immediately after meeting the criteria for membership; line items from the segment will start delivering to them after they navigate to a new page or app section. If a certain amount of time passes without enough new page views or app activities, the visitor's membership expires and they are no longer a member of the segment.

It may take up to three hours for you to see changes to segment membership reflected in your reporting data.

For example, if you have a news page or app section, you can define a sports segment that requires a user to view a tagged sports page/app section five times within three days to become a member of the segment. Every time the user visits a tagged page/app section, the user's membership is re-evaluated according to the page view/app activity and recency criteria you defined. If the user does not still meet the membership criteria--in this case, having visited the sports page/app section at least five times in the past three days--the user is removed from that segment. Otherwise, the user can remain in a segment indefinitely, as long as they keep visiting and meeting the publisher's segment requirements and don't delete or reset their identifier (cookie, mobile advertising ID (AdID or IDFA), or PPID) or opt out of interest-based advertising..

If you set a membership expiration of 10 days, a user's membership expires when the user views a tagged page/app section again after 10 days and no longer meets the membership criteria.

A user doesn't need to view a page or app section every single day within the recency period to become or remain a member of a segment. For example, if a segment requires three page views or app activities within seven days, a user could gain membership by viewing the tagged page/app section three times on the first day.

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