Currency settings

Administrator user role required.  Requires the "Administrator" role or roles with similar permissions to configure network settings.

When your network is created, the currency is set. Once you've created any orders, the network currency is fixed and cannot be changed.

Ad Manager uses currency in two ways:

  • Line item delivery: For some line item types, price is one of the factors that Ad Manager takes into account when choosing which line item to serve. For these line items, Ad Manager tries to serve the line items that will generate the most revenue for your network. (Learn more about line item delivery priorities.)
  • Revenue reporting: Reports show you how much revenue your line items and orders have generated.

Secondary currencies

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360 and networks with Programmatic Direct.

Secondary currencies are useful if you sell inventory in more than one currency. Traffickers or sales planners are then able to enter pricing information in the currency that is being negotiated. 

  • Line items — Set currency for the line item when creating it. Once the line item has been saved, currency is fixed and cannot be changed. Each line item in an order can use a different currency.
  • Proposal line items — Proposal line items are a feature of Programmatic Direct. Set currency for the proposal. All proposal line items must use the currency set under their proposal. You can change the currency for a proposal until you send it to the buyer for the first time. After sending the proposal to the buyer, the currency is fixed and cannot be changed. Learn more about Programmatic Direct.

Support for secondary currencies

Cost-per-day (CPD) line items now support secondary currencies. The currency conversion is based on the conversion rate on the day that the impression served.*

Only line items that use your network’s primary currency are included in an order’s "Total projected value." This means that if you apply a secondary currency to a line item, that line item is excluded from the “Total projected value” of the order.

"Total Projected Value" will not project revenue for Sponsorship Line Items that use a CPM rate.

* This change is retroactive. Reporting data for cost-per-day (CPD) revenue metrics may be different from reports run before July 24, 2018.

Add currencies to your network

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Global settings and then Network settings.
  3. Search and select additional currencies in the "Secondary currencies" field.
  4. Click Save. The currencies are now available for any new line items.

Currency conversion

Ad Manager automatically converts secondary currency amounts into your network default currency. Ad Manager currency conversion rates are updated frequently throughout the day.

When an ad request is received, Ad Manager uses the latest conversion rate to determine the price of each line item in the network default currency. The converted value enables your line items to compete on price, even if they've been set up in different currencies.

Reporting data is also converted to your network default currency. The values are based on the conversion rate at the time of delivery.

Example: Your network's default currency is US dollars, but you also sell some campaigns in euros.

Ad Manager has to decide between two price priority line items: one with a $4 CPM and one with a €3 CPM.

  1. At the current exchange rates when the ad request is received, €3 converts to $4.02, which makes it the higher-paying line item.
  2. Ad Manager serves the €3 CPM line item.
  3. The revenue from the delivery is recorded and reported in US dollars (in this case, $4.02 ÷ 1000, or $0.00402).

Later that same day, Ad Manager is again choosing between a price priority line item with a $4 CPM and one with a €3 CPM.

  1. By now the exchange rate has fluctuated so that €3 converts to $3.98.
  2. Ad Manager delivers the line item with the $4 CPM.

Remove a secondary currency

You can delete a secondary currency. Line items that have already been set up with the secondary currency will continue to use it. However, you can't create any new line items using the secondary currency once it has been removed.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Global settings and then Network settings.
  3. Click the X icon next to the currency you want to remove.
  4. Remove more currencies as needed.
  5. Click Save. The currencies are no longer available for any new line items.
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