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Reserve inventory and prepare for delivery

 New trafficking experience
Ad Manager might look a little different if you're using the new trafficking user interface

This article reflects the new trafficking experience. If you're still on the previous experience, look for this note box that captures instructions or behavior that reflects the previous trafficking experience:

Previous trafficking experience

Instructions or behavior that reflects the previous trafficking experience.

Learn more about the improvements and changes to Ad Manager in Changes to Google Ad Manager and Improvements to Google Ad Manager.


What happens when an order is approved

  • Ad Manager reserves inventory for eligible line item types. Only sponsorship and standard line items types are eligible to reserve inventory. Other lower priority line item types (such as bulk, house, or price priority) are never eligible to reserve inventory and only serve if no higher priority line item types can serve.
  • Order line items appear as contending in forecasts. Immediately after you approve an order, this information is passed on to the forecasting engine. If another trafficker runs a forecast after you've approved your order, they might see your line items as competing. If you want to make sure no one else books impressions that you want for a campaign, make sure you approve your order early on. If you wait a few days to approve the order after trafficking it, some of your forecasted impressions may no longer be available.
  • Order line items and creatives are cleared for delivery. An order must be approved before the line items can deliver to your inventory.

How to approve an order

The "Approve and reject orders and line items" user role permission is required to approve an order.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Orders
  3. Find the order you want to approve.
    Filter by the Pending approval status: Click Add new filter and then Status and then is and then Pending approval and click Apply.

    Previous trafficking experience

    To add the filter: Click Filters and then Add filters, click Filter by and then Status and then is and then Pending approval, and click Apply filters

  4. Click Approve.

Overbooking inventory

If insufficient inventory prevents an order from delivering ads, you may opt to overbook. Overbooking will change the order status to 'delivering,' but may cause underdelivery of this order and other orders.

We strongly recommend that you do not overbook orders
The danger here is if you overbook and the order underdelivers, you could break your contract with your advertiser or end up having to traffic additional campaigns later on to make up for the discrepancy. Only overbook after you've done a thorough inventory traffic analysis and can conclude that you have more impressions than the forecasting engine is allocating. Learn more about underdelivery
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