Learn about TalkBack settings

You can manage your TalkBack settings like feedback, speech rate, gestures, or braille keyboard.

Find your TalkBack version 

  1. Open the TalkBack menu.
    • To open the TalkBack menu, in one stroke, swipe down then right. Or, on updated Pixel 3 and up, with TalkBack 9.1, three-finger tap.
  2. Select TalkBack settings.
  3. TalkBack version is shown either at the top or bottom of the screen.

Step 1: Open TalkBack settings

  1. Open the TalkBack menu.
    • To open the TalkBack menu, in one stroke, swipe down then right. Or, three-finger tap on devices with multi-finger gestures.
  2. Select TalkBack settings.
  3. View or change any of the following settings.

Step 2: View or change TalkBack settings

Settings on TalkBack 9.1 & up

When you update TalkBack, some features change from the previous versions. After your update, you’ll find these features listed on your device.

Important: Settings vary by device and TalkBack version. If your settings are different from the ones described below, refer to Settings in earlier TalkBack versions





Text to speech settings Choose your text-to-speech language, voice, speech rate, and pitch.  Learn more about text-to-speech settings.

Choose how much TalkBack says.

  • To manage speech preferences, like keyboard echo or usage hints, set to Custom.
Custom, high, low
Speak passwords Choose whether TalkBack speaks password characters without headphones.

On, off

Learn more about how to Speak passwords.

Sound and vibration Customize:
  • Sound feedback
  • Sound feedback volume
  • Audio ducking
  • Vibration feedback
On, off





Customize gestures Change the function of TalkBack gestures. Learn more about Talkback gestures. 
Customize menus Add or remove items from the TalkBack menu and reading controls. Learn more about how to use the TalkBack menu and reading controls.
Braille keyboard Open TalkBack braille keyboard settings. Learn more about how to use the Talkback braille keyboard.
Cover proximity sensor to stop speech If your device has a proximity sensor, you can silence TalkBack.
  • Phones: Wave your finger on the proximity sensor.
  • Tablets: Touch any application on the display screen. Touch the screen again to restart TalkBack.
On, off
Tutorial and help Open the TalkBack tutorial, practice gestures, and get help. --


Advanced settings




Custom labels Manage custom labels that you've created with the TalkBack menu, like import and export.  Import labels, export labels, revert imported, edit saved labels
Single-tap activation To activate a focused item, tap it once instead of double-tapping. On, off
Keyboard shortcuts Change TalkBack keyboard shortcuts or settings. Learn more about TalkBack keyboard shortcuts.
Developer settings App developers can test and debug their app with TalkBack.
  • These settings are useful to debug and troubleshoot. If you aren’t a developer, use them sparingly.

Settings in earlier TalkBack 8.2 & below

  • Automatically scroll lists: Scroll lists automatically when you use linear navigation.
    • In Android Accessibility Suite 8.1 and up, this is the default setting.
  • Shake to start continuous reading: Have TalkBack read continuously when you shake your device.
  • Enhanced focus: Focus on the first focusable item when you move to a new screen. If you go to a screen that you previously visited, focus goes where you left off.
    • In Android Accessibility Suite 8.1 and up, this is the default setting.
  • Hide screen when TalkBack is on: Lower your screen brightness when TalkBack is on.
  • In Android Accessibility Suite 8.1 and up, the “Dim screen” option is in the global context menu.
  • Hide screen shortcut: Dim your screen when you press both volume keys 3 times.
  • Speech volume: Set the TalkBack speech volume to be the same or less than your media volume.
  • Speak caller ID: Hear the identity of a caller before you answer.
  • TalkBack suspend and resume shortcut: Stop or resume TalkBack when you touch and hold the volume up and down keys.
  • Resume from suspend: Choose how TalkBack resumes after you stop it.