Use the TalkBack braille keyboard

With the TalkBack braille keyboard, you can tap your screen to enter 6-dot braille. Only Unified English Braille is currently supported.

Step 1: Set up the TalkBack braille keyboard

Note: To use the TalkBack braille keyboard, turn on TalkBack and turn off magnification

  1. Open your device's Settings app.
  2. Select Accessibility and then TalkBack and then Settings
  3. Select Braille keyboard.
  4. Select Tap to set up.
  5. In the dialog, select Settings.
  6. Turn on TalkBack braille keyboard.
  7. Open an app where you can type, such as Gmail or Google Keep.
    • Note: The TalkBack braille keyboard isn't yet compatible with Google Docs. 
  8. Move focus to the edit field.
  9. To switch to the TalkBack braille keyboard, select Switch input method Input or Next language Globe (Gboard only).
  10. Select TalkBack braille keyboard.

Step 2: Type on the TalkBack braille keyboard

The steps below are also available in a tutorial on your device. To open the tutorial, 3-finger swipe up on your screen. In the list of braille keyboard options, select Open tutorial.

  1. Turn your phone so the screen is facing away from you.
  2. Rotate the phone horizontally to landscape position. 
    • Your hands should grip the short ends of the phone. 
    • Your right hand should hold the end with the USB port.
  3. Rest your 3 middle fingers on the screen, and use your pinky and thumb to support the phone. 
  4. Your left index finger should be on dot 1. Try tapping the following letters: 
    • Tap dot 1 to type the letter "A."
    • Tap dots 1 and 2 to type the letter "B." 
    • Tap dots 1 and 4 to type the letter "C." 
    • Tap dots 1, 4, and 5 to type the letter "D."

Note: You can type in grade 1 and grade 2 braille. Grade 1 braille can be useful if you're new to braille. Grade 2 can be useful if you're a more advanced user or if you want to use abbreviations.

Use gestures with the TalkBack braille keyboard

  • Delete letter: Swipe left
  • Delete word: 2-finger swipe left
  • Add space: Swipe right
  • New line: 2-finger swipe right
  • Submit text: 2-finger swipe up

To view a list of all gestures, 3-finger swipe up on your screen. In the list of braille keyboard options, select See all gestures.

When you're using the TalkBack braille keyboard, other TalkBack gestures aren't available. 

Note: On some devices, if you're using the Messages app and you close the TalkBack braille keyboard, the Back button doesn't work. To continue, select the Home button.

Hide the TalkBack braille keyboard

  • To hide the TalkBack braille keyboard, 2-finger swipe down.
  • To switch to your original keyboard, 3-finger swipe down.