Customize Android settings for TalkBack

You can update TalkBack settings like volume or feedback. You can also choose languages or how much TalkBack reads to you.

Manage your settings

Manage common settings in quick settings

The quick settings panel has common device settings, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode.

To open quick settings:

  • When your device is locked: From the top of the screen, two-finger swipe down.
  • When your device is unlocked: For notifications, from the top of the screen, two-finger swipe down. Then, for quick settings, two-finger swipe down again.
Manage in the Settings app

To open Settings:

  • From your Home screen: Two-finger swipe up. In the apps screen, explore by touch to find Settings and double tap.
    • Apps are often listed in alphabetical order.
  • With Google Assistant: If you've turned on "Ok Google" on your device, say, "Ok Google." Then say, "Open Settings."
  • In the quick settings panel: Explore by touch to find Settings, then double-tap.

Change TalkBack volume

  • To change the speaking volume: Press the volume up or down key.
  • To change the volume while your media plays: When your media is on, the volume keys control your media volume. To change TalkBack volume, put your finger on the touchscreen and press the volume up or down keys.

Find Accessibility settings

You can update these settings to improve TalkBack.

Turn off auto-rotate

When you turn off auto-rotate, your screen orientation doesn’t change based on your movements.

  1. On your device, open Settings .
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Find and turn off Auto-rotate screen.
Use the power button to end calls

With this setting, you can end a call when you press the power button on your device.

Important: You might be unable to lock your device with the power button when this setting is enabled, like when your phone is in your pocket.

  1. On your device, open Settings .
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Find and turn on Power button ends call.

Add an international keyboard

On Pixel, Gboard offers many languages, but you might need a different keyboard to support another language or braille.

To check what keyboard you use:

  1. On your device, open Settings .
  2. Select System and then Language & input.
  3. Under "Keyboard & inputs," check On-screen keyboard.

To download other keyboard apps, go to Google Play.

Tip: You can turn on TalkBack braille keyboard for English, Arabic, and Spanish. Learn more about the TalkBack braille keyboard.

Manage TalkBack settings

  1. Open the TalkBack menu.
    • To open the TalkBack menu, in one stroke, swipe down then right. Or, on updated Pixel 3 and up, with TalkBack 9.1, three-finger tap.
  2. Select TalkBack settings.
  3. Update any of the following settings:

Tip: Multi-finger gestures are available on updated Pixel 3 and up and some other OEM devices.

Change verbosity

Verbosity settings control how much or little information TalkBack gives you about formatting like tables, graphics, or lists. For example, with the high preset, the keys you enter are always spoken. With the low preset, entered keys aren’t spoken.

  1. Select Verbosity.
  2. Choose a preset: High, custom, or low.
    • With the custom preset, you can individually choose what TalkBack speaks.
Change sound feedback volume

Sound feedback is brief audio you get as you navigate your device. This is also known as an earcon. By default, sound feedback volume is set to 50% of your TalkBack speech volume.

To change your sound feedback volume:

  1. Go to your TalkBack settings.
  2. Select Sound and vibration and then Sound feedback volume.
  3. Choose a volume:
    • Match TalkBack speech volume
    • 75% of speech volume
    • 25% of speech volume
Audio ducking

Audio ducking lowers the volume level of media and other audio so TalkBack’s spoken feedback is easy to understand. Audio ducking is on by default.

To turn audio ducking on or off:

  1. Select Sound and vibration.
  2. Select Audio ducking.
  3. Turn Audio ducking on or off.
Speak passwords 

By default, TalkBack speaks password characters that other people might hear. You can change the setting so that your phone doesn’t speak characters in secure fields unless you have headphones connected.

To turn this setting on or off: Select Speak passwords.

  • When Speak passwords is on: TalkBack speaks password characters as you type.
  • When Speak passwords is off: TalkBack speaks password characters only when you're connected to headphones.

Change your TalkBack spoken language

You can add or change the language of your device and switch between text to speech languages.

To install languages:

  1. Open the TalkBack menu.
    • To open the TalkBack menu, in one stroke, swipe down then right. Or three-finger tap on devices with multi-finger gestures.
  2. Select Text to speech settings and then Language.
  3. Choose a language.

To switch between languages while you use TalkBack, use any of these options:

  • The TalkBack menu: In one stroke, swipe down then right (or, on some devices, three-finger tap). Select Spoken language.
  • A physical keyboard: Press Alt + Ctrl + L.
  • A gesture: To assign a gesture to the “Change spoken language” command, open TalkBack settings and select Gestures.

Tip: To open the TalkBack menu with a different gesture, go to TalkBack Settings. Learn more about TalkBack settings.