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3. Create a group

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Creating a group is easy. After you know the type of group you want to create, just fill out some basic information and you’re ready to go.

In this section, you learn how to:

3.1 Choose your group type
3.2 Create your group and set basic permissions
3.3 Invite members

3.1 Choose your group type

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You can create any of several different types of groups, depending on the group’s purpose. The most common types of groups are email lists, web and Q&A forums, and collaborative inboxes.

Group type Description Example uses

Email list

Email list groups are mailing lists. Create a new email address so anyone in your organization can send messages to everyone in your group at once.

Send messages, share files, including Google documents, sites, videos, and calendars, or invite group members to meetings.

Web forum

Create a Group on a particular subject that anyone in your organization can join.

Online communities for people in your organization with similar interests, expertise, or work functions.

Q&A forum

Product experts and savvy customers can help answer common questions about your product and mark the best answers to the web. Responses are archived as a knowledge base for other customers.

Online forum for customers to ask and answer questions about your products or services.

Collaborative inbox

Members of a group can receive and respond to email requests using a common address, such as Assign incoming messages to group members, track status, categorize posts so they’re easy to find later, and more.

For teams that use email to process support tickets, sales inquiries, or other requests from colleagues or customers.

3.2 Create your group and set basic permissions

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Note: (For G Suite accounts) To find or create web forums within your organization that are not public, go to Groups and click My Groupsand thenSwitch organization view to "" before doing the following tasks.

After you know the type of group you want to create, you’re ready to create it.

  1. On the Groups home window, click Create Group.
  2. Fill out the information on the page, such as your group name, the group’s email address, and your group type.
  3. Under Basic permissions, specify who can view topics, post messages, and join the group by assigning roles:
    • Member—Can post to the group.
    • Manager—Can post to the group. Can approve, add, or remove members.
    • Owner—Can create the group and add members. By default, the group’s creator is an owner, but you can add other owners, too.
  4. Click Create.
Set up a group

3.3 Invite members

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After creating your group, add people to it either by inviting them to join or adding them yourself.

  1. On the Topics page, click Manage members.
  2. Under Members, click Invite members to invite people to join, or click Direct add members to add them yourself.
  3. Enter the email addresses.

    If you can't add people outside your company, contact your G Suite administrator.
  4. Write an invitation message.
  5. Click Send invites to invite new members, or Add to directly add members.

Select "manage members" to open a window to add or send invites to members

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