Outlook Contacts

With G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO), you can manage your G Suite contacts using the same Outlook interface you were used to with Microsoft Exchange®.

Managing types of contacts

Personal contacts

You can add and manage your personal G Suite contacts in Outlook using all of the regular fields in Outlook's Contact form.

GSSMO synchronizes nearly all of your personal contact information with the G Suite web interface, so you can also find all the same information there. Learn more about Google Contacts vs. Outlook.

Global contacts
Requires G Suite administrator privileges. If you need help, contact your admin. Who's my admin? 

You can use Outlook to access global contact information for everyone in your domain—as long as your administrator has enabled a Global Address List (GAL) for your domain.

To see your global addresses in Outlook, click Tools and then Addresses and choose Global Address Book. Here, you'll find all email addresses, group addresses, shared contacts, and conference rooms in your domain. Depending on what's available in your domain's global addresses, each contact can include a name, email address, phone and fax numbers, street address information, title, company name, department, and more.

What else?

  • Your contacts' email addresses autocomplete when you address new messages. Learn more
  • Their free/busy information is available when you schedule events in Outlook Calendar.
  • You can access your contacts from G Suite on the web, even when you're away from Outlook. Learn more
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