Use Google Workspace on Windows Phone

Starting Jan. 30, 2013, only Google Workspace and Education customers can set up new devices with Google Sync. For details, see Google Sync end of life.

Set up Google Sync

Before you set up Google Sync on your Windows mobile device, back up your contacts and calendars from your mobile device to your computer.

If your business, school, or organization uses Google Workspace, your administrator needs to enable Exchange ActiveSync before you can set up Google Sync.

These instructions are for devices running Windows Phone 7 and 8.

  1. Swipe left on the Start screen to open the Apps list.
  2. Touch Settings > Email + accounts > Add an account > Advanced setup.
  3. Enter your Google Account email address and application-specific password.
  4. Touch Next.
  5. Touch Exchange ActiveSync to select the type of account you want to set up.
  6. Enter your Google Account email address as your username.
  7. Leave the Domain text box empty. If your device requires you to enter a domain name, enter google.
  8. Enter as the server name.
  9. Choose your download settings.
  10. Check the Contacts, Calendar, and Email boxes, depending on what you want to sync.
    Note: Tasks is not supported.
  11. Touch Sign in.

It might be a few minutes before you can access your mail. If you haven’t already set up a lockscreen PIN on your device, you’ll be prompted to set up one now.

Set up the Send Mail As feature

Now that you have Google Sync set up, you can enable the Send Mail As feature to send mail from a different address that you own—not just your primary Google Workspace address. You can also send mail from your Windows mobile device using a custom From address.

Enable the Send Mail As feature
  1. In a web browser, add another email address that you own.
  2. On your device, go to
  3. Select your device and check the Enable "Send Mail As" for this device box.
  4. Touch Save.
Send Mail As FAQ
How long does it take to change my Send Mail As address on my device?
By default, it takes up to 24 hours to change the Send Mail As address. If you need to update it sooner, you can manually reset the address. To do this, go to on your mobile device and disable the feature. Then, enable it again. The new settings will take effect the next time you sync.
I've enabled Send Mail As. Can I send email from multiple Gmail addresses from my device?
You can only use the default Send mail as email address that's configured in Gmail settings.
For example, if you want to send one email from, and a second email from from your device, you would first need to change your default email address in your Gmail settings using a web browser. For details, see Send mail from a different address or alias.
Because changing your Send Mail As address on your device can take up to 24 hours, we recommend that if you need to send mail from multiple email addresses, use Gmail in your web browser.
I'm using IMAP and not Google Sync. Can I still Send Mail As from my Windows mobile device?
This Send Mail As feature is for Windows Phone 7.5 and higher users using Google Sync (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync) to send their email. It doesn't work if you're using IMAP or POP on your device.

Delete Email

Enable Delete Email As Trash for this device

By default, with Google Sync for Windows Phone 7.5 and higher, Gmail archives a message, but doesn't delete it when you delete mail in your Mail app. When you enable Delete Email As Trash for a device, messages go to Gmail Trash when you touch Delete in your Mail app. To enable this setting, go to in your mobile browser.

If you accidentally delete a message, you can find it by signing in to your Gmail or Google Workspaceaccount in a web browser and going to Trash. By default, Trash is emptied from Gmail every 30 days.

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